Swedish Massage Meaning and Action Type Summary!

What is Swedish Massage?

Swedish massage is one of the massage methods developed in Sweden.

The key is to relieve fatigue while relaxing the muscles.

Unlike sports and meridians, it is not a matter of applying pressure to loosen the tangled parts, but rather gently continuing without pressure.

Swedish massage is usually mixed with essential oils or body oils or used alone, pushing the palms toward the heart.

​It is good to receive body care without burden because the relaxing movements are repeated throughout.

It doesn’t directly relieve tight spots, it may be less refreshing, but after receiving it, I feel like my body is being refreshed.

It is also good for healing as it helps blood circulation and relieves fatigue or stress.

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What will be the action and type?

The most basic movement is called Effleurage in the Police Act. Eplague is a gesture of stroking with the palm of the hand.

​It is used the most because it is used before any other method or whenever the end connection is made.

The key is to make connections between movements while sliding.

The second method is the flexible method Petrissage. Petrissage is a movement in which you gently roll the inside of your hand as if you were kneading a dough. The key is to relax the muscles using the inner hand and arm movements while moving rhythmically. I usually use it a lot to manage the shoulders, sides, and waist.

The third method is called friction friction. Since the movements are usually performed around the joints, there are many processes of rubbing them in a slightly circular motion during Swedish massage.

In addition to this, there is the Gotta Method Tapoment, which is one of the bouncing techniques. It is a tapping motion using the tip of a finger, a blade, or a round motion.

I usually use it on wide skin like my back and legs. The last technique is the vibration massage technique.

It is usually used as a finishing motion when doing a full body massage or back massage.

​If you use a total of 5 motion police method, flexible method, vibration method, gota method, and cop method, you can take care of whole body skin and back care.

It’s really simpler than you think, right? There are a lot of moves that are slightly modified depending on the skill or manager, so please refer to it.

In general, there is no big difference in the case of Swedish, so the movements are similar.

In addition to this, there is the Lomi Lomi technique as a type of oil skin care. This is from another place, and the difference in movement is much bigger than I thought, so I’ll introduce it next time~.

​Swedish is still a bit quiet, but Romi Lomi has a lot of colorful techniques that make it look like a little dance, so it’s different. +_+

At first glance, they may look similar, but are there many differences than you think? These days, it’s called Swedish Lomi Lomi, so we do it together, but in fact, it’s not the norm, but it’s a bit vague.

​So today, I thoroughly studied the definition and various movements of Swedish massage. How was it?

​As a kind of skin care, it is often used for body care or body skin care. I hope it will be of great help to those who have been curious about how the program works.

In addition to this, let’s learn about the various types of massage little by little!