Cheongdam Massage

Cheongdam Massage Spa Ersian

I went to Cheongdam Massage Spa Ersian.

We both like massages so much, so these days we always get massages 3-4 times a month.

I had a schedule in Cheongdam, so I was looking for a Cheongdam spa massage, and I found a new shop, Ersian, which opened in May.

I saw the photos and it was so neat and the reviews were good, so I made a reservation right away!!!

​Hersian; private esthetic & spa

​As a private esthetic spa in Cheongdam-dong, you can enjoy Hinoki Spa and manicure (massage).

​Skin, Body & Soul

I really like this upscale atmosphere. It is a space that will satisfy everyone who comes with it, and it is recommended because of its quality.

Cheongdam Massage Spa Ersian Private Spa Esthetic

​Address 5th floor, Hakdong-ro 59-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul (42-2 Cheongdam-dong)

Location 203m from Gangnam-gu Office Station Exit 4

Business Hours Tuesday-Sunday 10:00-24:00 (Closed on Mondays)

Reservation site: You can make a reservation on the Anmaya site or on the Anmaya Twitter 안마야 트위터.

Free parking, valet fee 3,000 won (valet booth on the left side of the building)

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5th floor, 5, Hakdong-ro 59-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

⬆️ It is a 5-story building right next to Raemian in Cheongdam.

When you arrive, hand over the car you want. I wrote Before the care for more detailed and perfect care while drinking tea.​

It was nice to have a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere before I was taken care of.

Cheongdam Massage Spa Ersian Price

​There is definitely a division between member and non-member, so I think it would be much better to pay with membership.

There is an additional 5%-10% accumulation, and it seems to be convenient to use because it can be used jointly and transferred.

body care

Slimming Care Prenatal/Postpartum Care Wedding Care Pain Care

Signature care (whole body at the back of the lower body, including the décolleté of the abdomen)

face care

Stress Care (Detox) Contour Care Signature Care (Moisture Trouble Whitening Wrinkle Nutrition)

We,🌊 Hinoki Spa + Body Care ; I was treated with the signature 70 minutes.

Let’s go straight to the treatment room that is managed here.

Ersien couple room

The space is spacious, simple and clean. Another great advantage is that you can receive care in this spacious space even if you come alone.

Shorts and gowns for Hinoki Spa were prepared on a clean bed. It’s nice because it’s soft.

​As expected, there were dresses and spa gowns that you can wear during the spa.

When receiving a massage, it is really important to keep the space clean, but again, they are taking good care of it hygienically.

All the spa clothes were prepared, so it was convenient because there was nothing to bring or do.

​The top-notch Hinoki Spa is ready, let’s start with the Hinoki Bath.

​Private hinoki (cypress) spa 😶‍🌫️,This is the entrance to hinoki, the bamboo is really cute.

​This is the highest-quality hinoki that goes on the entire floor of SIGNIEL RESIDENCE!!! You can enjoy it at Ersiang in Cheongdam-dong.

It was made of wood, so it felt really comfortable and warm.

The part where I could definitely feel good is not humid.

The healing given by the gentle scent of wood was better than I thought!

​Please note that Hinoki Spa is only available when booking a management program. It can be used for up to 2 people and is a 30-minute course.

Even the sand hole is ready. At first, I did something, but it turned out to be a hole in the sand.​

This time, it’s Hinoki Bulldog. The torch was something of a bluetooth speaker.

Sweat was dripping down my face, and at the same time, it felt like all the waste products from my body were being flushed out.

The Hinoki Spa makes you sweat comfortably, and it does not feel stuffy even after a long period of time.

Why is Hinoki Spa famous?

I only found out after experiencing it with my own body at Spa ercien. That’s what a spa is like.. What I’ve done in the past is not a spa hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

​It is convenient to have clothes (spa attire) ready at the time of spa, and it is best to put tea in the hinoki bath space.

By the way, we are also running a 30% discount event promotion for the first visit to Cheongdam Spa Erciang.

I posted a story on Instagram, but I got a lot of questions about where it was. I recommend Spa Ersian to those who are looking for couples massage at Cheongdam-dong Couples Spa.

​For your reference, there is a separate shower facility in the hinoki bath area.

Now, after the 30-minute Hinoki Healing Spa, I will go back to the treatment room to receive full-fledged care.

​Cheongdam-dong Spa Ercien is operated privately, so we did not encounter any other customers until we were prepared and managed and left the shop.

​I think it’s especially good not only for us but also for other guests, that you can spend your own time alone.

​Private aesthetic & spa that do not accept other guests at the reserved time

Water management continued. The manager who gave me the massage and the manager who gave me my brother are all satisfied.​

The manager said that my lower body is very tense like a cyclist (= muscles are standing) and my shoulders and neck are almost like an accountant.
But it is a very accurate diagnosis. I was really surprised that you fundamentally attacked the parts that I felt uncomfortable and heavy. And the parts that are too clumpy are actually skipped when I go to other places, but I could feel the sincerity of trying to lighten things up somehow.

You said that you have 20 years of experience, but this is a very respectful spec.

This is the place where I found and brought my brother, and he was very satisfied, so I was proud and happy.

It was a signature care, and he focused on the parts that were more needed according to the characteristics of my brother and my body. What’s even more satisfying is that you know where you need more, even if you don’t tell them.

I’m going to go sign up for membership soon. The 70-minute massage treatment was very satisfying! I want to go get it again.

After taking care of it, I have everything you need, such as a hair dryer, comb, and cotton swabs. It was nice to have enough time to finish and reorganize and go.

As Ersian expressed, it really feels like you have been to a beauty lodge. If you want to give relaxation and healing to your parents, family, lover, or yourself, we recommend Cheongdam Massage Spa ‘Ersiang’.