Gangnam-gu starts to attract Japanese medical tourists… special discount

Gangnam-gu, Seoul, announced on the 5th that it will hold a special discount promotion for medical institutions for Japanese tourists until August.

In this promotion, 15 cooperative medical institutions in Gangnam-gu participate and offer discounts of up to 50% in departments such as plastic surgery, skin care, and oriental medicine, which are popular with Japanese patients.

In addition, the ‘Gangnam Medical Tour Center’, which provides comprehensive services for foreign medical tourists such as medical tourism-related consultations, supports free interpretation services from global healthcare coordinators.

The district plans to promote the event using Japanese social networking service (SNS), each medical cooperation institution SNS, and influencers, and make a video to promote Gangnam’s excellent medical tourism infrastructure and post it on YouTube.

Hong Jong-nam, head of Gangnam-gu’s Tourism Promotion Division, said, “In order to preempt overseas medical tourists in line with the gradual recovery of daily life, the district has continued various promotional activities such as SNS events and online medical consultations for foreigners. As the increase is expected, we will continue the reputation of ‘Gangnam-gu, the world’s No. 1 medical tourism city’ through leading marketing.”

On the other hand, before the corona crisis, in 2019, the district took the first place in the country by attracting 130,000 or 26.4% of the foreign medical tourists that came into Korea.