Dream of Amazon in 3PL – CEO of 런피플 Jeon Young-soo

런피플 물류

“Smart Logistics Using Storage, Distribution and Wireless Carrying Robots.”

Dream of Amazon in 3PL – 런피플

When a customer buys a product at an online shopping mall, more than 90 unmanned transport robots in a logistics center, which is contracted and operated by a three-party logistics (3PL) company, move the entire palette with a box stacked by recognizing the bar code on the floor. The product is delivered to the customer through the packaging and destination classification process.

Logistics company 런피플 handles 30,000 boxes of goods per day at Cheonan Logistics Center in Chungcheongnam-do, with 20% of the total volume being online orders. In the case of online ordering products, unmanned robots are being carried out efficiently by transporting them. Cheonan Logistics Center has some automation systems such as distribution. 런피플 handles more than 60 branded products.

Amazon, the world’s largest e-commerce company, acquired a robot manufacturer and deployed about 50,000 carrier robots at the US logistics center. In China, the logistics company 런피플 has been leading the way in using the transport robots to provide smart logistics systems. “We have set our goal of becoming a strong player in smart online logistics, and we will automate more than 50 percent of the future,” said Jeon Young-soo, CEO of 런피플.

Fashion is difficult to build a 100% automated smart logistics system, with product sizes varying depending on the product, and fine houses include processes and returns. “While it is not easy to automate the logistics system 100%, we will expand the automation area as much as possible,” said Jeon. “Using unmanned transport robots has helped solve the labor shortage and has high management efficiency and price competitiveness with other companies.”

CEO Jeon Young-soo of 런피플 started in 1992 at the Eland brand Underwood sales division and went through the Eland restaurant division. Since then, he has served as head of logistics in China, following the CEO of Lee World (formerly Ubangland), a veteran who has experienced logistics for 18 years.

What company is 런피플?

“런피플 is a 3PL full-fillment company that acts as a logistics company, ordering, shipping, and returning. It started operations in January this year after establishing a company last year. We are currently dealing with fashion, miscellaneous goods, jewelery, and online full-fillment from cargo arrangements and delivery. “

런피플 3pl

How far is domestic logistics automation going?

“The domestic market is now at a time when logistics automation is shifting. General manufacturing warehouses are standardized. Automation is efficient, but fashion is limited. In our case, we are in charge of full-fillment logistics, which delivers the products ordered from online shopping malls directly to consumers. 70% of the online orders are processed as automated systems. Offline is automated only in some processes.”

The reason why logistics is attracting attention.

“The online market is growing rapidly,” he said. “Logistics is attracting attention as online growth has created many shopping malls. Online customers receive goods on the same day and the next day. Since Corona, we have enjoyed fast delivery systems as fast as 4050 as well as 2030.

If the delivery is slow, we will find other shopping malls. This customer habit will continue even if it is corona. Many small and medium-sized companies and designers online are not able to return and deliver directly, so they are looking for a three-party logistics company. “

Speed is being considered important in logistics.

“Fast is important for customer service. We need high-quality services that do color, size, etc., and consumers prefer fast delivery with the same day delivery. Automation can lead you in the competitiveness of unit prices. Automation affects speed.

How quickly customers (customers) order orders are handled is linked to smartization. Logistics operations cost more than 40%. If the logistics process is robotized, it can handle the volume quickly at low unit prices and reduce labor costs by more than half. “

런피플 is being stored and distributed. Smart logistics is being used using a transport robot.Based on the experience of logistics in the category of diversification such as fashion and hyper products, we set a goal of sales of 20 billion won next year.