Choosing Between Electric and Manual Chairs

falls under the category of mobility chairs which are designed to cater to people with varying degrees of mobility. Users can control the direction and speed of movements using a control wheel at the back of the chair. Most mobility chairs, however, are not designed to suit every individual; there are some chairs, for example, that have an upright design to allow users to stay seated, while others are designed to be used while lying down. The discussion below will help you decide which type of chair would be best for you.

While the automatic body shape measuring function is an important function of mobility chairs, it is also important to point out that only a handful of companies are capable of manufacturing an absolutely idiot-proof measuring function. If you have difficulty receiving reliable results from an automatic body measuring device, contact the companies that manufacture mobility chairs with these recommendations:

o Unless you have a difficult case in which to use an automatic body measuring function, try to shop for mobility chairs by taking your own measurements. It’s best to visit a mobility clinic for this reason.

o Also important to consider is the weight of the chair. Choosing a lightweight chair is one way of making sure that you don’t have to pay to much.

o Other things to consider when shopping for a lightweight chair is the body size of your own body, the amount of money you are willing to spend, the features to look for, and the make and model of the chair.

o Also, decide whether you want the chair to belete or capable of using a wheelchair.

o As mobility is generally regarded as a preferred activity, it is important to make sure that the chair has wheels, even if it is not equipped with them. Choose chairs that are either self-propelled or attached to the back of a wheelchair.

o When you are choosing between electric and manual chairs, you have to make sure that the electric chair has a seat upon which you can place your feet. If you are not the type of person who is accustomed to sitting in one position for long hours, you have to make sure that the chair has a backrest.

o You can have different leg and backrest diameters, designed to achieve the comfort of both men and women.

o Learn to determine the weight of your body, which is important when deciding which chair to choose.

o It is important to choose an electric chair that is suitable for you. There are different types of electric chairs, for example, the portable model, the vertical lift model, the transport model, and others.

o When you are choosing between an electric and a manual chair, you should be considerate to the needs of your elderly family members.

o When you are choosing between electric and manual models, you should take into consideration your own personal lifestyle.

o The type of chair is important; choose one that is appropriate to your lifestyle.

o The amount of weight that you carry is another factor to consider.

o In choosing between electric and manual chairs, you should also consider your body structure.