Leading the street dance! Run People Dance Team

runpeople dance team

Street dance, with a variety of types, including b-boys, hip-hop, poppins, rocking, waxing, and houses, means all dances derived from street culture. The biggest feature of street dance is that it is performed in everyday life space such as street, school, playground, various clubs, etc. beyond existing dance studio.

Also, street dance has an improvised cultural characteristic that emphasizes the interaction between dancers and audiences. As street dance is known to the public, there is an increasing number of educational institutions that can learn professionally.

오피플런은 런피플 댄스팀을 응원합니다.

오피플런 support the run people dance team.

Among them, Cheonan Hip Hop Dance Academy Run People Dance Academy located in Ssangyong-dong, Cheonan City has a long history in Cheonan and is famous for hip-hop dance in Cheonan.

Run People Dance Academy, which strives to contribute to the development of culture and arts through professional education, is conducting systematic and specialized lessons by instructors active in active duty, and is teaching dance of various genres such as street dance, general dance and K-pop.

Various activities to inform many people about street dance

  • I first danced at the academy at the time of my school days. After that, I started a run people dance institute to build a space with my own educational philosophy after building various experiences and know-how.

I am a vice chairman of Cheonan City Dance Association along with the head of the institute and is teaching students as a professor. He also serves as a judge in various programs such as the Qingdao Rich Girl Audition Program in China, the All-Genre World Championship (AGC), and the Cheonan City Dancing Y. He also received a plaque of appreciation from the Cheonan City Academy Association, a plaque of appreciation from Cheonan City, and a commendation from excellent instructors.

As there is no end to all learning, so is dance, and I develop myself through my ongoing research, which is to provide young students with a variety of knowledge and experiences. In addition, basic and right personality are important, and students are being taught to dance based on solid basic and right personality.

Cheonan area’s first street dance institute, so its history is gorgeous

  • We are trying to develop the scene of string dance and culture and arts as a dance institute with the longest history in Cheonan.

In addition, he has won the second place in the Seoul Show Zone Performance Competition, the National Hip Hop Pampionship of the National Sports and Recreation Championships, the Street All-round Championship (Chore Map) Silver Award, the BBIC ALL STYLE PERFORMANCE All-Gener Performance Excellence Award, and THE SHOWBOX KOREA 3nd.

Our academy directly hosts various events and programs, not just support. Last year, it hosted the CHEONAN SOUL TRAIN Battle Event, the RUN TO YOU Battle Event, and the I AM All-Genre Performance Competition.

In addition, in order to inform more people about street dance, we are operating the second run people dance school in Asan area. As such, we have already been recognized for our skills, but we will continue to do various activities without resting.

The instructors working in active duty are in the process of systematic and specialized lessons.

  • We are famous for various classes. We teach various genres of dance such as general dance, K-pop, rhythm training as well as street dance such as b-boy, hip-hop, poppin, locking, waxing and house. If you have a lot of classes, you can have a sense that you lack expertise.

However, we have all the lessons systematically and professionally by the instructors who are active in the active field, and the two institutes that are in operation are taught at different levels. Cheonan branch was made up of intermediate difficulty as long as it was old, and Asan branch formed a basic curriculum for those who first encountered dance.

We now have a lot of middle and high school students who specialize in dancing, so we continue to help students move forward with their goals. Rather than staying in a well as a frog, it leads students to dream in a larger world, not to neglect their learning in the course of learning dance.

People’s perception of street dance has increased compared to the past. Korean dancers have been recognized worldwide. However, it is true that dancers are still lacking in treatment.

Therefore, Lee Young-ok said that he is trying to have a high quality system to create conditions for dancers to be treated.The efforts of the 런피플 Dance Academy to inform many people of the different charms of street dance are expected to continue in the future.