Choosing Between Electric and Manual Chairs

falls under the category of mobility chairs which are designed to cater to people with varying degrees of mobility. Users can control the direction and speed of movements using a control wheel at the back of the chair. Most mobility chairs, however, are not designed to suit every individual; there are some chairs, for example, …

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Top 5 Things to Look For in a nightlife 유흥사이트

유흥사이트 런피플

Nightlife 유흥사이트 Nightlife culture 유흥사이트 has changed considerably over the last decade with the inception and growth of online dating and social networking sites, as well as the transformation of the entire entertainment industry. This article aims to list, for the first time, all of the nightlife 유흥사이트 activities, events, and venues that are of …

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Music therapy

music therapy-music psychotherapy program

Hwaseong-si Dongtan Mok-dong Ieumteo Library, music psychotherapy program Mok-dong Library Music Therapy operation The Hwaseong City Cultural Foundation is recruiting participants for ‘Mokdong Library Music Therapy’, a music psychotherapy program held at the Dongtan Mok-dong Ieumteo Library from June 29. ‘Mokdong Library Music Therapy’ is a program prepared to help the emotional stability and stress …

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Gangnam-gu starts to attract Japanese medical tourists… special discount

medical tourists

Gangnam-gu, Seoul, announced on the 5th that it will hold a special discount promotion for medical institutions for Japanese tourists until August. In this promotion, 15 cooperative medical institutions in Gangnam-gu participate and offer discounts of up to 50% in departments such as plastic surgery, skin care, and oriental medicine, which are popular with Japanese …

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Silk Therapy launches ‘Silk Therapy Classic’

Silk Therapy

Silktherapy Classic Retro Edition ‘Silk Therapy Classic’ is a retro edition of ‘Silk Therapy Original’. At the time of the release of ‘Silk Therapy Classic’ in 1992, a design that reinterpreted the design with a retro sensibility was applied. LG Household & Health Care said, “This product is a highly nutritious and intensive damage improvement …

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오피스타 Therapy Shop

오피스타 therapy shop

The famous 오피스타 Therapy Shop in Daegu One of the therapy shops that I found out through the recommendation of Run People Crew was “오피스타-Opstar.” It’s a place that specializes in aromatherapy, not a regular massage shop, so you can get more luxurious and healing care. ​Even when I checked in advance, there was a …

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런피플&강남안마 가이드 Staff get-together

Bonobono's get-together

런피플&강남안마 가이드 Recommended for staff get-together Seafood Buffet Bonobono Samsung Store ​I went to the seafood buffet Bonobono Samsung store with 런피플 staff for the first time in a while! Bonobono, whose name is so cute. I was really looking forward to it because it’s been a long time since we had a company dinner. …

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Leading the street dance! Run People Dance Team

runpeople dance team

Street dance, with a variety of types, including b-boys, hip-hop, poppins, rocking, waxing, and houses, means all dances derived from street culture. The biggest feature of street dance is that it is performed in everyday life space such as street, school, playground, various clubs, etc. beyond existing dance studio. Also, street dance has an improvised …

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Dream of Amazon in 3PL – CEO of 런피플 Jeon Young-soo

런피플 물류

“Smart Logistics Using Storage, Distribution and Wireless Carrying Robots.” When a customer buys a product at an online shopping mall, more than 90 unmanned transport robots in a logistics center, which is contracted and operated by a three-party logistics (3PL) company, move the entire palette with a box stacked by recognizing the bar code on …

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