Music therapy

music therapy-music psychotherapy program

Hwaseong-si Dongtan Mok-dong Ieumteo Library, music psychotherapy program Mok-dong Library Music Therapy operation

The Hwaseong City Cultural Foundation is recruiting participants for ‘Mokdong Library Music Therapy’, a music psychotherapy program held at the Dongtan Mok-dong Ieumteo Library from June 29.

‘Mokdong Library Music Therapy’ is a program prepared to help the emotional stability and stress relief of citizens who are exhausted from the prolonged Corona 19 with ‘music’, a special theme of the Dongtan Mok-dong Ieumteo Library operated by the Hwaseong City Cultural Foundation. Through the program, they have time to look inside themselves through various music activities such as listening to music, singing, improvising, writing lyrics and composing.

In addition, through small group activities among program participants, you can experience opportunities to empathize and communicate with each other, and to improve your social skills and communication skills. The operation target is 12 adults and will be held 16 times in total from July 13th to November 3rd. Applications for participation can be made on the Hwaseong City Integrated Reservation website.

Dongtan Mok-dong Ieumteo Library opened in December 2019 and operates a variety of services related to its specialized theme, ‘music’. It operates ‘Music Stay’, a music-specialized library, and collects and provides about 8,200 music-related materials, including LPs, DVDs, CDs, and sheet music. You can also enjoy music with music listening devices such as LP and CD players. Currently, there are restrictions on the use of some services, such as listening, due to social distancing.

For more information on other programs and facilities, please visit the Dongtan Mok-dong Ieumteo Library website.

Meanwhile, Hwaseong City Library communicates with citizens through a space called ‘a library you want to visit over and over again’ and intellectual and pleasant projects that started with reading. As of 2021, the libraries operated by the Hwaseong City Cultural Foundation are Byeongjeom Library, Taean Library, Samgoe Library, Bongdam Library, Dongtan Cultural Center Library, Songsan Library, Jeongnam Library, Jinan Library, Dongtan Central Eumteo Library, Dongtanmok-dong Eeumteo Library, There are 14 Songrin Eumteo Library, Wangbae Green Forest Library, Dubitnarae Children’s Library, and Nungjinarae Children’s Library.

Dongtan Mok-dong Ieumteo Library in Hwaseong-si operates ‘Mok-dong Library Music Therapy’ for music psychotherapy

The Dongtan Mok-dong Ieumteo Library, operated by the Hwaseong City Cultural Foundation, is recruiting participants for the music psychotherapy program ‘Mok-dong Library Music Therapy’ from June 29.

‘Mokdong Library Music Therapy’ is a program prepared to help the emotional stability and stress relief of citizens who are exhausted from the prolonged corona virus with ‘music’, the special theme of the Dongtan Mok-dong Ieumteo Library.

Through the program, they have time to look inside themselves through various musical activities such as listening to music, singing, improvising, writing lyrics and composing. In addition, through small group activities among program participants, you can experience opportunities to empathize and communicate with each other and to improve your social skills and communication skills.

The operation target is 12 adults, and it will be conducted non-face-to-face for a total of 16 times from July 13th to November 3rd. Applications for participation can be made on the Hwaseong City Integrated Reservation website.

Meanwhile, the Dongtan Mok-dong Ieumteo Library opened in December 2019 and operates various services related to the specialized theme ‘music’. It operates ‘Music Stay’, a music-specialized library, and collects and provides about 8,200 music-related materials, including LPs, DVDs, CDs, and sheet music. In addition, it is possible to enjoy music by equipping it with music listening devices such as LP and CD players. Currently, there are restrictions on the use of some services, such as listening, due to social distancing.

For more information on other programs and facilities, please visit the Dongtan Mok-dong Ieumteo Library website.

Gangnam-gu starts to attract Japanese medical tourists… special discount

medical tourists

Gangnam-gu, Seoul, announced on the 5th that it will hold a special discount promotion for medical institutions for Japanese tourists until August.

In this promotion, 15 cooperative medical institutions in Gangnam-gu participate and offer discounts of up to 50% in departments such as plastic surgery, skin care, and oriental medicine, which are popular with Japanese patients.

In addition, the ‘Gangnam Medical Tour Center’, which provides comprehensive services for foreign medical tourists such as medical tourism-related consultations, supports free interpretation services from global healthcare coordinators.

The district plans to promote the event using Japanese social networking service (SNS), each medical cooperation institution SNS, and influencers, and make a video to promote Gangnam’s excellent medical tourism infrastructure and post it on YouTube.

Hong Jong-nam, head of Gangnam-gu’s Tourism Promotion Division, said, “In order to preempt overseas medical tourists in line with the gradual recovery of daily life, the district has continued various promotional activities such as SNS events and online medical consultations for foreigners. As the increase is expected, we will continue the reputation of ‘Gangnam-gu, the world’s No. 1 medical tourism city’ through leading marketing.”

On the other hand, before the corona crisis, in 2019, the district took the first place in the country by attracting 130,000 or 26.4% of the foreign medical tourists that came into Korea.

Silk Therapy launches ‘Silk Therapy Classic’

Silk Therapy

Silktherapy Classic Retro Edition

‘Silk Therapy Classic’ is a retro edition of ‘Silk Therapy Original’. At the time of the release of ‘Silk Therapy Classic’ in 1992, a design that reinterpreted the design with a retro sensibility was applied.

LG Household & Health Care said, “This product is a highly nutritious and intensive damage improvement essence that restores the texture, shine and curl of brittle hair that has lost its luster. It provides moisture, nutrition, and elasticity to hair damaged by frequent use of hot air balloons.”

‘Silk Therapy Classic’ will be launched on the GS Home Shopping channel at 9:40 pm on the 27th.

Lotte HomeShopping, ‘LBL’ autumn new product release 140 minute special live broadcast

Lotte Home Shopping announced on the 26th that it would launch a new product of the home shopping fashion brand ‘LBL (Life Better Life)’ this fall on the 29th.

Lotte Home Shopping said, “During the peak season for home shopping, from September to December, we plan to lead fashion sales and drive earnings growth with the fashion brand LBL. We analyzed and planned a new product this year.”

In addition, the proportion of innerwear for new products was increased by 30% and items such as silk blouses were increased. On the 29th, the launching broadcast, which will be held for 140 minutes from 10:25 am, will reveal 6 new products for fall, including knitwear, jackets, pants, cardigans, and dresses.

LF Mall, Hedges Golf Sponsored KPGA event commemorative event

LF Mall, the official online shopping mall of LF (093050), a lifestyle and culture company, announced on the 26th that it will hold an event from August 26th to 31st at 10 am to commemorate the opening of ‘Hedges Golf KPGA Open with Ildong Lake Golf Club’.

Hedges Golf and KPGA will hold ‘Hedges Golf KPGA Open with Ildong Lake Golf Club’, one of the KPGA Korean Tours, at Ildong Lake Golf Club in Pocheon for four days from August 27th.

Hedges Golf said, “We decided to sponsor the tournament in order to contribute to a new leap forward for men’s professional golf and to expand the base of the domestic golf industry, while at the same time enhancing the brand image imprinted on the market with casual sensibility as professional active golf wear.” explained.

LF Mall is holding various benefits and fun events to commemorate Hedges Golf’s sponsorship of the KPGA Korean Tour. In this special exhibition, professional players such as Kang Tae-young will recommend new products such as functional golf clothing and supplies to be worn in actual competitions, as well as introduce the swing postures of professional players.

H&M Kidswear Launches Harry Potter Collection

Global fashion brand H&M announced on the 26th that it is launching a kids capsule collection inspired by the Harry Potter series.

The collection consists of children’s clothes and accessories, featuring graphic prints, humorous decorations, playful decorations and fashionable looks. It will be available in select stores from August 27th.

H&M said, “The Harry Potter and H&M Kidswear collection reinterprets the iconic Hogwarts elements into today’s fashion. We made it possible to feel the wizarding world in each product,” he explained.

LG Household & Health Care Silk Therapy launches ‘Silk Therapy Classic’

LG Household & Health Care, a professional hair care brand ‘Silk Therapy’, has launched ‘Silk Therapy Classic’, a hair essence that will keep hair that is easily cracked and dry due to UV rays and winds healthy and moist in the fall.

Silk Therapy Classic’ is a retro edition of ‘Silk Therapy Original’, which has been loved for 29 years based on traditional technology and know-how since its launch in 1992. In particular, by applying a design reinterpreted with a retro sensibility at the time of launch, it brings back memories and presents the beauty of luxury essence that has been preserved for a long time.

This product is a highly nutritious and intensive damage improvement essence that saves the texture, shine, and curl of brittle hair that has lost its luster. Silk Therapy Super Anti-DamageTM, a key ingredient that contains silk protein, argan oil, and panthenol in an optimal ratio, improves the cuticle of damaged hair and moisturizes and nourishes hair damaged by frequent use of hot air balloons. provides elasticity.

In particular, it is a formulation that absorbs quickly like a serum without clumping in the hair while feeling deeply moisturizing, completing the styling that shines three-dimensionally from any angle. In addition, the subtle woody floral scent that seems to contain nature leaves a reverberation like spraying a classy and sophisticated perfume.

An official from Silk Therapy said, “After a hot summer and dry winds begin to blow, the hair also needs careful management. If you do it, you can return it to healthy hair.”

Meanwhile, ‘Silk Therapy Classic’ will be launched through the GS Home Shopping channel on the 27th.

오피스타 Therapy Shop

오피스타 therapy shop

The famous 오피스타 Therapy Shop in Daegu

One of the therapy shops that I found out through the recommendation of Run People Crew was “오피스타-Opstar.” It’s a place that specializes in aromatherapy, not a regular massage shop, so you can get more luxurious and healing care.

Even when I checked in advance, there was a story that the reviews were very good and that it was the best for healing and fatigue recovery. That’s why I decided to trust you and visit.

오피스타-Opstar Location

2005F, Dongdaegu-ro, Suseong-gu, Daegu

For your information, the location of the therapy shop was located right near the children’s center station.
There are so many big buildings around, and it’s not difficult to find because it’s along the boulevard.

There was even a parking space in the building, so I could move in my own car conveniently.
Therapy shop arrived on time for reservation 🙂

When I opened the store door, a kind staff greeted me brightly. Thankfully, I checked the reservation and
He helped me disinfect my hands and even organized my shoes.

오피스타-Opstar Therapy Shop Treatment

Cool 오피스타-Opstar Therapy Shop Treatment

After confirming the reservation, I was able to consult with the teacher right away. First of all, we talked about our current concerns and how we came to visit, and then recommended care.
For your information, I told you that I was worried about fatigue and tight muscles in my body, and my teacher recommended care accordingly.

And I also chose the Daughtera Essential Oil, which will be used as body oil and diffuser scent, to suit me. Like an oil shop, there are a lot of different types of oils.

Among them, I chose Muscle for body oil and lavender for diffuser oil, and the scent of lavender is said to help with overall stability, stress relief, and good sleep!

After I finished choosing the oil, I went to the changing room to change. Inside, there are clothes and towels that you can change into.
Of course, everyone was washed neatly, and there was no inconvenience because it was well organized. When I took off my clothes, the manager in front of me helped me to the foot bath.

So we decided to follow the guide and enjoy the foot bath first. Maybe it’s because I’m putting my feet in warm water, but my whole body feels immediately relaxed. And they prepared a warm t-shirt for me, so I had a really healing time. After the foot bath time, go straight to the maintenance room.

Inside, there was a neatly organized bed. You have also prepared tools and oil to use for care. The maintenance room itself is very spacious and cozy, so it feels like I’m in a hotel.

I did a dry massage first when I was lying down. The teacher used various parts such as hands and arms to loosen up the muscles. To be honest, I don’t get strong pressure, but the therapy shop teacher controlled it well, so it was just cool.

After warming up first, I started using oil care. After applying the muscle oil that you selected earlier on your waist, shoulders, and neck, you did the technique by holding the muscles accurately.

My trapezius muscle and shoulders have been tense due to my bad posture, and it was really nice to loosen them up like this. Even the care is not only for the upper body, but also for the lower body.

I’m sure everyone who works sitting down will agree, but after spending more than eight hours a day sitting down, my legs get swollen. Of course, I usually push it with a bottle or a pressure bandage, but the swelling didn’t improve at all. However, the therapy shop released the calf eggs and cared for the swelling, which made me feel relieved.

The manager took care of the toxins, swelling, and fatigue accumulated in the body. 🙂 He didn’t just press down on the calf eggs, he controlled the strength by going down, and even took care of the feet.

To be honest, I was worried about the quality of the management because it was my first visit, but I wanted to come three times a week. After taking care of the upper body, lower body, and feet, she even helped with dry scalp care!

I often give acupressure to my scalp whenever I have a headache, but the teacher’s care is different. I was able to finish it perfectly by pressing down on the lumpy and stiff parts on the back of my neck.

I’ve felt this since I stepped into the store, but I think Opstar is really sincere to its customers. That much, they pay a lot of attention to counseling and care, and they keep checking so that they don’t cause any inconvenience.

Now that I know such a good place, I will probably visit it often in the future and recommend it to my acquaintances.

런피플&강남안마 가이드 Staff get-together

Bonobono's get-together

런피플&강남안마 가이드 Recommended for staff get-together Seafood Buffet Bonobono Samsung Store

I went to the seafood buffet Bonobono Samsung store with 런피플 staff for the first time in a while! Bonobono, whose name is so cute. I was really looking forward to it because it’s been a long time since we had a company dinner.

I visited Bonobono Samsung for the first time as a 강남안마 가이드 company dinner, and it was so nice to have a complete room It’s nice to be able to eat comfortably among our 런피플 staff.

“The Gangnam Massage Guide ( provides information on restaurants, massage, spa, and beauty in Gangnam.”

Bonobo food is delicious, but there is a separate group room, and it is really good to come and eat in groups such as company dinners, family events, 60th birthday parties, and 70th birthday parties. I made a reservation at Bonobono Samsung in advance and visited! I arrived a little early and there was a family event soon, so I asked the staff for their understanding and looked around the room a little bit!

If you look closely, there are so many different sizes and different seating rooms~! (up to 70 people can be accommodated) There are many hall seats besides the room. It’s a pleasant environment because there’s a distance between the seats. There were several semi-room seats with partitions It’d be nice if there was a date or if there were 3 or 4 people who wanted to eat there.

Our 런피플 staff wanted to get some comfortable buffet food, so they sat in the hall closest to the food.​

Bonobono Samsung store price!

  • Weekday lunch adult: 59,000 won
  • Weekday Evening Adult: KRW 75,000
  • Weekend/holiday adult: KRW 79,000

The time I visited is weekday dinner time!

Exploring the food menu

Should we officially explore the menu? In the drink section, we’ll have draft beer and refrigerator cold
The beer glass that I put in And coffee, carbonation, cold water, hot water, etc. are all in place.

The price of Bonobono Samsung store was raised in December last year. (I didn’t know how much it was because it was a get-together) The price went up, but the raw fish section has been renewed and the desserts have been upgraded. I think it’s good because it’s good to pay more to eat quality food.

Bonobono is famous for seafood, right? I was looking forward to sushi and seafood the most, but 런피플 team leader also likes it the most. The sushi section was supposed to be cut and put on the cutting board to take as much as you want, but it changed to plating for each plate. I think it’s more luxurious and neat!

Sushi had flatfish, tuna, flatfish aged kimchi, salmon, soy sauce shrimp, candle shrimp, eggs, and roasted salmon, and sashimi was prepared with flatfish, salmon, astrological fish, tuna, and tuna belly.

Sushi and sashimi are good enough, but there are seafood too! As expected, seafood is the best for Bonobono. Bonobono’s seafood is fresh seafood that was auctioned at Noryangjin Fish Market early in the morning.

If you go to Noryangjin Fish Market, you can only eat one or two things that you want to eat, but it’s so nice to be able to taste various things since Bonobono is here. There were so many fresh seafood such as cockles, stone octopus, sea squirt, skate, green mussels, shrimp, and squirt!

Especially, the CEO of 런피플 said that sea squirt is fresh and delicious and he ate it several times.

​In the salad section, you can see Caesar Salad and smoked salmon, which are always found at any buffet. And there were Cucus salad, seafood pasta salad, nutritious chives ginseng salad, and seasonal fruit salad, and we have jamon, chorizo, cheese, olives, nuts, etc. that are good for drinking!

​You can eat rice noodles, buckwheat soba, udon, and uni jjajang in the noodle section, but we only ate buckwheat soba.

It was a very satisfying grill corner. The lamb chops and steak were really good!
It can’t be tasteless because it’s cooked warm right away, right?

Why did I want to eat Gorgonzola pizza that day? LOL
I ate 2 pieces of Gorgonzola pizza, and there was Angkurt soup that I ate at Shilla Park View before, so I brought it quickly. You don’t know how delicious it is if you break the pastry on top and dip it in the soup.

​There are so many things to eat in the Asian corner. Tangsuyuk, Yeongyang Samgyetang, Gungbo Account, Yusanseul, Egg Fried Rice, Chili Shrimp, etc. There are so many different kinds I thought Bonobono seafood was the only good restaurant, but other food was also good. Overall, the food is of high quality
It tastes good, too! 강남안마 가이드 I ate a lot more than when I came to a company dinner.

​There are many kinds of cakes in the dessert section, and there are four kinds of fruits. There’s also chocolate fondue that kids will like.The staff and my plates that I worked hard on…I have to be greedy Of course! I’ll eat hard and go! lol

​When I put the food on a plate, there was also makgeolli!
Let’s hurry up and put the last street in a bowl
There was a kind of ade, too!

​I ate so much that my stomach exploded. It’s been a while since I visited Bonobono Samsung and it was a perfect meal. I don’t think this quality is bad for half the price of the hotel buffet.

Leading the street dance! Run People Dance Team

runpeople dance team

Street dance, with a variety of types, including b-boys, hip-hop, poppins, rocking, waxing, and houses, means all dances derived from street culture. The biggest feature of street dance is that it is performed in everyday life space such as street, school, playground, various clubs, etc. beyond existing dance studio.

Also, street dance has an improvised cultural characteristic that emphasizes the interaction between dancers and audiences. As street dance is known to the public, there is an increasing number of educational institutions that can learn professionally.

오피플런은 런피플 댄스팀을 응원합니다.

오피플런 support the run people dance team.

Among them, Cheonan Hip Hop Dance Academy Run People Dance Academy located in Ssangyong-dong, Cheonan City has a long history in Cheonan and is famous for hip-hop dance in Cheonan.

Run People Dance Academy, which strives to contribute to the development of culture and arts through professional education, is conducting systematic and specialized lessons by instructors active in active duty, and is teaching dance of various genres such as street dance, general dance and K-pop.

Various activities to inform many people about street dance

  • I first danced at the academy at the time of my school days. After that, I started a run people dance institute to build a space with my own educational philosophy after building various experiences and know-how.

I am a vice chairman of Cheonan City Dance Association along with the head of the institute and is teaching students as a professor. He also serves as a judge in various programs such as the Qingdao Rich Girl Audition Program in China, the All-Genre World Championship (AGC), and the Cheonan City Dancing Y. He also received a plaque of appreciation from the Cheonan City Academy Association, a plaque of appreciation from Cheonan City, and a commendation from excellent instructors.

As there is no end to all learning, so is dance, and I develop myself through my ongoing research, which is to provide young students with a variety of knowledge and experiences. In addition, basic and right personality are important, and students are being taught to dance based on solid basic and right personality.

Cheonan area’s first street dance institute, so its history is gorgeous

  • We are trying to develop the scene of string dance and culture and arts as a dance institute with the longest history in Cheonan.

In addition, he has won the second place in the Seoul Show Zone Performance Competition, the National Hip Hop Pampionship of the National Sports and Recreation Championships, the Street All-round Championship (Chore Map) Silver Award, the BBIC ALL STYLE PERFORMANCE All-Gener Performance Excellence Award, and THE SHOWBOX KOREA 3nd.

Our academy directly hosts various events and programs, not just support. Last year, it hosted the CHEONAN SOUL TRAIN Battle Event, the RUN TO YOU Battle Event, and the I AM All-Genre Performance Competition.

In addition, in order to inform more people about street dance, we are operating the second run people dance school in Asan area. As such, we have already been recognized for our skills, but we will continue to do various activities without resting.

The instructors working in active duty are in the process of systematic and specialized lessons.

  • We are famous for various classes. We teach various genres of dance such as general dance, K-pop, rhythm training as well as street dance such as b-boy, hip-hop, poppin, locking, waxing and house. If you have a lot of classes, you can have a sense that you lack expertise.

However, we have all the lessons systematically and professionally by the instructors who are active in the active field, and the two institutes that are in operation are taught at different levels. Cheonan branch was made up of intermediate difficulty as long as it was old, and Asan branch formed a basic curriculum for those who first encountered dance.

We now have a lot of middle and high school students who specialize in dancing, so we continue to help students move forward with their goals. Rather than staying in a well as a frog, it leads students to dream in a larger world, not to neglect their learning in the course of learning dance.

People’s perception of street dance has increased compared to the past. Korean dancers have been recognized worldwide. However, it is true that dancers are still lacking in treatment.

Therefore, Lee Young-ok said that he is trying to have a high quality system to create conditions for dancers to be treated.The efforts of the 런피플 Dance Academy to inform many people of the different charms of street dance are expected to continue in the future.

Dream of Amazon in 3PL – CEO of 런피플 Jeon Young-soo

런피플 물류

“Smart Logistics Using Storage, Distribution and Wireless Carrying Robots.”

Dream of Amazon in 3PL – 런피플

When a customer buys a product at an online shopping mall, more than 90 unmanned transport robots in a logistics center, which is contracted and operated by a three-party logistics (3PL) company, move the entire palette with a box stacked by recognizing the bar code on the floor. The product is delivered to the customer through the packaging and destination classification process.

Logistics company 런피플 handles 30,000 boxes of goods per day at Cheonan Logistics Center in Chungcheongnam-do, with 20% of the total volume being online orders. In the case of online ordering products, unmanned robots are being carried out efficiently by transporting them. Cheonan Logistics Center has some automation systems such as distribution. 런피플 handles more than 60 branded products.

Amazon, the world’s largest e-commerce company, acquired a robot manufacturer and deployed about 50,000 carrier robots at the US logistics center. In China, the logistics company 런피플 has been leading the way in using the transport robots to provide smart logistics systems. “We have set our goal of becoming a strong player in smart online logistics, and we will automate more than 50 percent of the future,” said Jeon Young-soo, CEO of 런피플.

Fashion is difficult to build a 100% automated smart logistics system, with product sizes varying depending on the product, and fine houses include processes and returns. “While it is not easy to automate the logistics system 100%, we will expand the automation area as much as possible,” said Jeon. “Using unmanned transport robots has helped solve the labor shortage and has high management efficiency and price competitiveness with other companies.”

CEO Jeon Young-soo of 런피플 started in 1992 at the Eland brand Underwood sales division and went through the Eland restaurant division. Since then, he has served as head of logistics in China, following the CEO of Lee World (formerly Ubangland), a veteran who has experienced logistics for 18 years.

What company is 런피플?

“런피플 is a 3PL full-fillment company that acts as a logistics company, ordering, shipping, and returning. It started operations in January this year after establishing a company last year. We are currently dealing with fashion, miscellaneous goods, jewelery, and online full-fillment from cargo arrangements and delivery. “

런피플 3pl

How far is domestic logistics automation going?

“The domestic market is now at a time when logistics automation is shifting. General manufacturing warehouses are standardized. Automation is efficient, but fashion is limited. In our case, we are in charge of full-fillment logistics, which delivers the products ordered from online shopping malls directly to consumers. 70% of the online orders are processed as automated systems. Offline is automated only in some processes.”

The reason why logistics is attracting attention.

“The online market is growing rapidly,” he said. “Logistics is attracting attention as online growth has created many shopping malls. Online customers receive goods on the same day and the next day. Since Corona, we have enjoyed fast delivery systems as fast as 4050 as well as 2030.

If the delivery is slow, we will find other shopping malls. This customer habit will continue even if it is corona. Many small and medium-sized companies and designers online are not able to return and deliver directly, so they are looking for a three-party logistics company. “

Speed is being considered important in logistics.

“Fast is important for customer service. We need high-quality services that do color, size, etc., and consumers prefer fast delivery with the same day delivery. Automation can lead you in the competitiveness of unit prices. Automation affects speed.

How quickly customers (customers) order orders are handled is linked to smartization. Logistics operations cost more than 40%. If the logistics process is robotized, it can handle the volume quickly at low unit prices and reduce labor costs by more than half. “

런피플 is being stored and distributed. Smart logistics is being used using a transport robot.Based on the experience of logistics in the category of diversification such as fashion and hyper products, we set a goal of sales of 20 billion won next year.